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The Nathan and Toby Starr Undergraduate Fellowship in Disability Policy

The Nathan and Toby Starr Fellowship in Disability Policy will provide an opportunity for Brandeis University undergraduate students with a strong interest in disability policy to develop research skills and expand their knowledge of disability policy. The goal of the Starr Fellowship program is to identify future researchers and to offer them direct research training with established investigators currently working at the Lurie Institute for Disability Policy.

Application/Selection Process

Applications will be accepted annually in the fall from sophomores and juniors. The submission of application materials will include a completed application form; one-page statement of interest; resume; letter of recommendation from a Brandeis professor; and your Brandeis transcript. Select candidates from the total pool of applicants will be asked to interview with the Lurie Institute team. Five students will be then chosen to be Starr Fellows for the upcoming year. Notification of the award will occur in early fall of each year.

Fellowship Opportunities/Outcomes

Starr fellows will be awarded a $2,000 stipend, and will be expected to work approximately 6-8 hours per week, during the 2019 spring term (January 14-May 10, 2019), with Lurie Institute for Disability Policy senior researchers. The fellowship will include working with a Lurie mentor on ongoing research in disability at the Lurie Institute. Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in local disability community events and may be able to attend a disability-related research conference and co-author a peer reviewed publication. Towards the conclusion of the fellowship, students will be expected to produce one opinion piece for publication in an online magazine/newspaper such as the Huffington Post related to the topic they have been studying, and to present their research to the Heller School for Social Policy’s doctoral/postdoctoral seminar in disability policy.

Starting in fall 2019, applications will be due in early fall of each year.

Starr Fellowship Application (PDF) 

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